Apart from marketing your company through t-shirt designs, which your employees will wear, why not brand their hats as well? You will often find food places with staff wearing hats or caps, particularly either for the uniform conformity or hair covering. However, even designing hats must be done accordingly. To provide you ideas about this, here are tips that make the task more effective:

Consider Screen Print. Instead of using heat transfer method in putting designs on hats, you should settle with screen print. This method will make sure the artwork will stay on the fabric longer. Besides, the printing scheme will allow you to achieve a design with intricate details and gradient shades. Compared to embroidery, this is less expensive.

Use Your Logo. Apparently, the most obvious design you can use for your hats is your company logo. You should not make things complicated when you can utilize your brand with ease. Simply ensure that the hues of your logo will stand out with the color of the hat.

Choose the Right Color. If you can, you should select a hat color that matches the existing uniform of your employees. In such way, you do not have to replace the entire set of your associates’ clothing.

Try Embroidery if Budget Is Right. Puffed or 3D designs will always be accepted by the market. Experts can create your logo through threads, and ensure long-lasting design. However, you should take note that embroidery cannot be done on all parts of the hat. It is also more expensive than screen printing.

Make It Versatile. You should choose a typical type of hat for your employees with a design that can still be sported even outside your workplace. In this way, your associates get the perk of weather protection or casual head wear using your hat. You could even take advantage of this as impromptu marketing.

Logos are best used for your hats. If you do not have a brand yet, it is time for you to let professionals do the work. Remember, your logo will be printed almost anywhere and must represent your firm well.

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