Have you wondered about replacing your boring curtains? Did the idea of painting the fabric even cross your mind? Most likely, it did not, for it sounds absurd given you can easily replace your curtain by buying a new one at a low price. Practically speaking, you can design curtains by painting them. It is worth the high level of customization you can achieve, particularly if you want to create patterns or shades according to your home interior.

Select the Right Fabric. If you will choose a curtain to work on, find one that is thick, heavy, or coarse. In such way, paint will not seep into the cloth easily.  In case you have no choice but to paint thin curtains, simply use regular paper or wax under it prior to the task.

Choose the Most Suitable Paint. As an advice by experienced “curtain painters”, you have to use interior latex paint for best results. This type of mixture promotes better adhesion to the fabric. It will not fade easily even if you wash the fabric after being painted.

Thin Your Paint. You will be able to apply the paint more easily by thinning it first. You may use textile medium to do this. Simply follow the instructions on the label to mix the paint and thinning formulation.

Use Stencil Appropriately. Always choose the removable stencil type if you will use one. It is also imperative to use spray adhesive, which will be applied at the back of the material. This will bond the fabric and stencil more effectively, and prevent bleed-through.

Look for a Foam Roller. This is a good choice of applicator since it is very convenient to use on fabrics. Find out with a considerable size from the nearest store at your place.

Apply the Paint Properly. When using foam rollers, you should begin from the stencil’s edge to the center of an open fabric area. In such way, you will not ruin the patterns of the stencil or push paint under it.

Simply follow the tips provided above and your plain curtain will definitely have the transformation it deserves.

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