You have tons of paper at home and you are planning to dispose these. Nonetheless, have you ever thought of recycling it? Do you know that discarded paper is a big component of landfill solid wastes? In the United States and Canada, paper and pulp are the third largest polluters in the industrial sector, damaging water and air.

If you could find ways of reusing paper, you should do so. There is still means of contributing for the environment protection. To provide you creative ideas, here are the following:

Image result for PAPER MACHE

Decorative Items. You can use waste paper as decorations by creating a paper mache. This is a type of paste out of three-quarter part of glue and a quarter of water. From this mixture, you would be able to create different shapes ideal for simple accents at home.


Place Mat. You could use paper bags as placemats. You do not necessary have to buy expensive counterparts when you could weave an eco-friendly one. Materials you may need are glue, paper bag, and acrylic paint for a more pleasing aesthetic.

Image result for NEWSPAPER LAMP

Lamp Design. Newspapers could make your furnishings more attractive and unique, which include your lamp. Why not try designing your existing lamp with newspaper? This will make your lighting more attractive than keeping it in plain color.

Image result for PAPER BOWL

Fruit Container. Instead of paying for a plastic fruit container that dents easily, create one out of your waste paper. You simply have to make rolling strips out of your paper. You will use the strips to develop a round shape similar to a bowl. Afterwards, you could color it according to your wants.

Image result for PAPER BRACELET

Bracelets. Why not try spending a leisure time with your kids to create paper bracelets? While creating attractive designs out of paper sticks, you could even share your children the value of recycling. You will never know, this activity could even reveal your kids’ undisclosed artistic skill.

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