Choosing a t-shirt color may be a trivial thing for you, but in reality, there are certain shades that could give you a plus in a lot of ways. To give you a proof, you could consider red. Red is considered to be a powerful color, but why?

There are reasons why you should wear red, and here are a few to convince:

A Sense of Status. Red has always been used to differentiate ranks or introduce prosperity. Do you ever find it interesting why carpets for national leaders, dignitaries, and even celebrities are red? According to history, sub-Saharan Africa, China, and Japan have always considered red as a shade for wealth or success.

Appeal. In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men consider women wearing red attractive. The experts also found out that this is the same thing with men. The color red seems to represent a man’s kindness, likability, and extroversion among others.

Odds of Winning. Do you know that by wearing red in competition may intimidate your opponents? Experts studied that people who have seen the color normally end up with worse performance. There is also a research that revealed you may gain more favor from the referee by wearing red. Subconsciously, an adjudicator may become biased because of the shade.

Maintaining Authority. If you work in an environment where there are numerous males, wearing red as a woman could help you earn their respect and attention. Even your dominance may also be sustained.

More Tips. Research showed that female food servers who wore red received a higher amount of tips. Moreover, they received the money mostly from males, which could be linked to the appeal effect of red.

Now, do you think choosing a t-shirt color matters? Apparently, red evidenced that it does in certain situations. Why not try wearing one at work tomorrow? See the difference yourself.

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