You may have seen typefaces, which are best for luxury products and printed materials. Nonetheless, you may not be aware that there is a real-life luxurious font—TEFF Lexicon. Yes, you got it right, the font is priced higher than expected. The Enschedé Font Foundry (TEFF) put a value of as much as $4,996 for the complete font family. You do not have to worry a lot for you may have a single cut at $391.

Basically, the serif font was created by Bram de Does, a designer from Denmark. The idea of pricing a font such way could be considered naive, but it happened. It is typical for designers to sell their fonts for less than 10 bucks. However, TEFF changed the customary and made history.

For normal designers who earn hundreds of dollars for a single artwork, they may find the typeface pricey. However, for firms who spend thousands or even millions for marketing, it will never be a big deal.

Generally, font sellers make their products cheap to make it more available to the public. There are also cases that the value of a typeface would be based on what the client gets from using it. Indeed, it could be very intricate.

You cannot simply consider websites selling fonts at very low costs invaluable. Instead, you could deem these sellers as meant for the majority of people in need of the digital product. For instance, Android is designed for people who love free stuff, whereas iOS is apparently mostly welcomed by those who could pay for every activity they do using their Apple gadget.

So, are you willing to pay for nearly $5,000 for a typeface? Most probably, you will never be, unless you are a large client that has a budget for it. At any rate, its popularity as the most expensive font could be a great asset in advertising.

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