You may have known t-shirts as shirts that are shaped like the alphabet “T”, and the rest that are not of the standard form could be called “top” instead. This is actually wrong for there are different types of t-shirts. It may be a superficial subject to talk about, but this is still something that will help you with fashion.

Polo T-Shirt. Yes, it is a t-shirt. This has always been considered a semi-casual wear. Others even prefer sporting this for work.

Pocket Tee. This is a type of t-shirt that you may use as an alternative to a tee that looks like an undershirt. This kind of top is often in neutral or classic hue. Most men prefer to use it with a lightweight outerwear, jacket, or blazer.

Henley T-Shirt. This is one of the t-shirt types without collar and is almost alike to polo tees. Usually, it has a buttoning packet. It is best matched with cargoes, denims, sweatpants, or even chinos. Although the henleys are in neutral shades, you may also find it in patterns.

Cropped. This is a type of t-shirt that is meant for women who love cullotes. This could be paired with flat or high-heeled footwear.

V-Neck. This is represented by a slight plunge on the neck. You may pair it to whatever pants or skirt you want to use.

Oversized. These are t-shirts that are in box shapes. They are often printed with fun patterns and abstract designs, which most women love as an everyday wear.

Off the Shoulder. This became one of the t-shirt types since boho even became popular. Despite changes in fashion, many still consider it an endless trend.

Basic Tee. Of course, you have the standard t-shirt type. This kind is often found in solid colors. You could easily match it with your everyday outfits. Moreover, these tees are commonly worn during summer or warm weather.

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