Computers have apparently taken over the industry of designing. However, this does not mean that traditional means of creating art will also be forgotten. Be reminded that even sketching will still stand the test of time. It will still be a paramount means of beginning a fruitful visual artwork.

Do you know why even technical pen is still in stationary stores? This is due to the fact it is still useful. Despite being a conventional material for drawing, its specifications will never be denied by most artists.

At present, technical pen is meant to draw designs and diagrams for computer aided design (CAD) software. Previously, it is the primary tool in sketching and drawing. Most artists preferred how advantageous it is in giving off an array of widths.

The variety of line widths from the pen is compliant to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. There are pens with widths from 0.03 mm to 2.0 mm. Compared to other pens, the tool will provide a more stable line with minimal changes in stroke-accompanying width.

There are three main categories under the pen type, which are refillable, classic steel-nibbed, and disposable pens. The refillable pens are affordable and have variable nib sizing. On the other hand, classic steel-nibbed is known for providing the most accurate lines. These are cost-effective to maintain, but the pen itself during first purchase could be expensive. Lastly, disposable pens are obviously most manageable to use and maintain.

Many artists are still using technical pen for it gives the convenience of drawing anywhere and putting their ideas on paper quickly. Besides, there is nothing more ideal than sustaining what has been used to in sketching. Instead of computers, working by hand is still the best representation of artistic skill. There is always more special about output of pen on paper.

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