It is obvious that you care less about your t-shirt for you consider it simply as a top or piece of clothing. However, there is more to it, which may change your view about the long-existing casual wear. To make you appreciate the art and history behind t-shirt, here are bizarre facts about it:

From undies to a t-shirt. According to great historians of t-shirts, the popularity of the clothing began as a long underwear, which was widely known in the early 19th century. The tee came to be what it is today through the separation of this long underwear’s top and bottom portions.

Biggest t-shirt in the world. The Qatar Petroleum Company is the current record holder in creating the biggest t-shirt in the globe. The huge tee has dimensions of 72.2 meters in length and 48.7 meters in width. Take note that this top covered 3,516.25 square meters of landform and weighs six tons.

T-shirt is an aged word in the dictionary. Far from expectation, the word “t-shirt” appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as early as the 1920s.

Pioneer promotional t-shirt on record. Records showed that the first ever promotional t-shirt was for “The Wizard of Oz” film in 1939.

Luxurious t-shirt exists. The most expensive t-shirt could be bought for as much as $250,000. This top is made out of gold and took 15 days to complete.

Recycled cotton t-shirts are environmentally friendly. If you want to participate in the movement of avoiding textile wastes from penetrating landfills every year, you should consider wearing recycled cotton tees.

Big tee-producing countries. As expected, China is the biggest producer of cotton t-shirts. The world’s second-largest economy is followed by India, United States, Pakistan, and Brazil.

The facts provided are just a few proving how capturing t-shirts are in its own way. As the industry ages, more amazing records would certainly pile up concerning your favorite clothing.

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