Designers are known for being experts in their respective visual art sub-field (web design, t-shirt design, and interior design among others). But of course, they are not perfect. If you are a graphic designer, you could not be flawless either. In other words, you may also commit a mistake. However, you could avoid these pitfalls by identifying them so you would know what mitigation step to apply.

Given below are the common graphic design mistakes:

Choosing the right typography. No matter how you consider it, typography could greatly enhance or utterly destroy a design project. Mistakes associated with this matter are illegible font face, too many typefaces in one task, and unsuitable font for the mood of the art.

Incomplete understanding of client’s wants. You would lose your job if you do not comprehend what your customer really wants. A client could either be very detailed or the contrary. Regardless, they want to see what they expect to see. If you do not coordinate with a client properly and simply guess what to do, your end is obviously a failure.

Lack of proofreading. Graphic designers are totally great in making pictures talk, which is why you could not blame them if they would make typo errors. Nonetheless, as a designer, you have to at least spare even a few minutes to check if your spelling is correct. Incorrect phrases or words could make clients go away (permanently).

Tons of stock images. If you are a designer, it will never be nice to use tons of stock images. Be reminded that you are born and trained to be creative, so do not abuse the availability of vectors. It would never be nice to find another project with the same clipart or vector file on it.

Incorrect file formats and setup. It is equally important to know the right file format and specifications to use depending on the project. For instance, if you would be working on a banner, you have to ensure that the resolution is high. Take note that you would print on a bigger media. Moreover, there are cases that you have to vectorize files if you are about to print a t-shirt using direct to garment (DTG) machines.

The given graphic designer mistakes are rampant. Until now, most likely, you are still committing one or two of the provided shortcomings. The great thing is, you are aware of your problems, giving you means to correct it in your upcoming tasks.

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