Visuals are valuable if you want to ensure that marketing efforts would be paid off in the end. The success of both individuals and businesses now also depends on how capturing their materials are regardless of media. Whether you would promote your business through brochures, flyers, posters, websites, or social media sites, the graphic design must be a stand-out factor.

Success in laying out a design is dependent on the trend at present. Since it is the new year, what will be the future of graphic design? Relative to this, Ben Haworth, Beautiful Meme Creative Director, was asked for his insight.

According to Haworth, he is projecting more of a comeback of stylistic principals within design firms. He clarified that the shift would not be constrained in the middle of 90s, but be about the soul of an agency. Haworth is seeing graphic design company looking into prioritizing their trademark ideas or something that represent them best.

The creative director highlighted the fact that agencies’ post-financial crisis was marked by their claims that they could work in all styles of design. Nonetheless, this resulted to a peril to visual art. Haworth believes an agency would be able to enhance its graphic design quality and customer service by having a core style to focus on regardless of what it is.

Haworth even added how Michelangelo and Raphael differed before as proven by history. In the 16th century Florence, the two actually rivaled one another for commissions. Apart from their works’ written summaries and the struggle on a number of people to be included in their paintings, they also had to carry out changes in accordance with patrons’ preferences.

Raphael was described to be a perfecter of refined control, whereas Michelangelo had been known for utmost energy and force scheme. Haworth basically mulled over if the two painters have encountered incertitude on their styles.

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